Background Checks for Mannies 101

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Anyone being hired to care for your children, whether male or female, should undergo a background check prior to an employment. There are several ways to handle this process. Some nanny agencies will perform background checks on all their mannies and have those reports available for employers to review.

If the manny you are considering for a position has not had a recent background check, there are a number of agencies available, which can perform the service for you. Many of them specialize in background checks for the childcare industry. Even if a background check has been done, not all background checks cover the same items. Here are a few items you need to know about background checks for mannies.

  1. Completeness. When reviewing or requesting a background check, make sure that all the items that are important to you are being included in the check. There is no ‘standard’ background check. Don’t hesitate to be specific on the thoroughness of the background check you are requiring for your position.
  2. Waiver Required. Background checks require signed authorization from the person who is being checked. A refusal to authorize a background check is sufficient reason to reject an applicant.
  3. Criminal History – There are different levels of law enforcement: county, state and federal. Unfortunately, there is not one clearing house for criminal history that covers all these different levels at once. County criminal records can be the most difficult to check, as a person may have lived in, or committed crimes in, more than one county.
  4. Child Abuse Registry – To verify that a person has not been convicted of child abuse in the past, there is a national registry that can be checked. This a common procedure for childcare providers.
  5. Sexual Abuse Registry – This is another national registry that can and should be checked in a thorough background check.
  6. Driving Records – Several things can be discovered through a check of a person’s driving record. The first is whether or not the person has a current, valid drivers license. In addition, any driving violations during the current and previous year will show up. Alcohol abuse issues can show up through a driving record, as well as dangerous driving habits in general.
  7. Employment Verification – This item can be accomplished fairly easily by simply making phone calls to previous employers and verifying the dates of employment and positions held. Incorrect years of employment listed on an application could be reason for concern.
  8. Certification Verification – If a mannie applicant lists certifications, require physical proof of these certifications. Training and education related to the position should also be verified.

There are fees involved with these kinds of complete and thorough background checks. The peace of mind it can provide parents is worth every penny and more.

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