Reasons to Conduct a Social Security Number Trace on a Nanny

When conducting your nanny search, one of the most important pieces of information that you can ask a potential nanny for on the job application is her social security number.

While you would think that a social security number trace or verification would be a search of the Social Security Administration’s records, this is not the case. Using a social security number, credit records and public records are checked to confirm the names, addresses and phone numbers that are associated with the social security number provided by the nanny candidate. With this information, parents can confirm the nanny’s identity and learn about any other names and addresses associated with the social security number provided.

Once these names and addresses are gathered, it can direct where criminal records are searched and what names they are searched under and help parents put together a timeline of the nanny’s residential addresses and confirm it matches the information provided on her employment application.

When conducting a social security number verification, parents can:

  1. Confirm the social security number is valid. With a social security number verification you will learn if the number is one in use.
  2. Verify former addresses. A social security number verification will populate a list of addresses associated with the card number.
  3. Learn other names the nanny has gone by. By determining what former names your nanny has been using, you can check for records using those names. This is useful for checking employment or criminal records that are listed under maiden or former names.
  4. Learn where to search court records. Misdemeanor level offenses seldom appear in state or federal records. A social security trace helps you know what courts you should be checking for criminal records in.
  5. Verify if the information on the nanny’s application is accurate. Once the information is provided, parents can compare the information in the search results with the information provided on the nanny’s application.
  6. Determine if anyone else has been linked to the nanny’s social security number. This may indicate that the nanny was the victim or perpetrator of identity theft.
  7. Can determine where the number was issued. With older numbers, you may be able to determine when and where the social security number was issued.
  8. Learn additional identifying information. Parents can learn additional details, like past addresses, phone numbers and names, by conducting the social security number search.
  9. Learn if the number belongs to someone who is deceased or if the number was terminated or never issued. Parents can confirm that the number is currently in the system and connected to the nanny whom they are screening.
  10. Determine if a nanny has provided incomplete information. Parents want to hire a nanny who is transparent. A nanny who leaves information off of her application could be problematic.

When hiring a nanny, you must be confident in their character and qualifications. By gathering as much information as possible about a potential nanny you can make an educated and informed hiring decision and choose the right nanny for your family.

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