10 Reasons You’ll Never Be a Nanny for Me

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The decision to hire a Nanny came with much personal and family consideration. Upon arriving at the decision, there were a host of qualifying objectives and details that I needed to feel secure about in a prospective hire. You, I’m afraid, didn’t make the grade, here’s why:

  1. No References (or the lack of attainable references) It’s odd to me that all those families that you worked for in former years are either dead or have moved to Antarctica.
  2. Certifications You are not certified in First Aid or CPR. While I don’t expect you to have the medical credentials of an ER Doctor, it would be nice if you could pull a splinter if the event indicated as such.
  3. Distracted Your cell phone kept ringing during our meeting. From there, I could only imagine that you would be equally distracted while tending to my children.
  4. Communication Gap Your grasp of the language used in my home is inadequate. This compromises our ability to communicate effectively with you as well as your ability to communicate with our children.
  5. Demanding You presented a firm list of all the things that you refuse to do, ahead of all the things that this job requires you to do. While I appreciate your candid approach, I feel that you believe that I need you more than you need this position.
  6. Finance Focused You are fixated upon the hourly rate and, equally so, upon the possibility of a raise–before you’ve even been hired.
  7. Inflexible Schedule You tried to negotiate your employable hours which suit your own personal needs rather than accepting the hours that the position requires.
  8. Personal Issues You referred to your psychotherapist as ‘Dave’, which leads me to believe that you’ve had excessive needs for a long period of time.
  9. Driver’s License You don’t possess a valid driver’s license.
  10. Lack of Experience You have no practical experience with children and will, therefore, probably have undue difficulty comprehending their needs that are separate of a schedule or task.

I wish you the best in your search for Nanny employment, but I’m quite satisfied to state that you will not be practicing in my home, with my family.

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