5 Best Ways to Make Sure Your Nanny is Not a Registered Sex Offender

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As part of a thorough background investigation, it is of course essential to check whether a nanny candidate is a registered sex offender. This is accomplished for you when you choose a reputable agency through which to hire your nanny. If you opt instead to do the screening yourself, then you’ll need to know where to look. So today we’re sharing a list of the five best ways to make sure your nanny is not a registered sex offender:

  1. National Sex Offender Public Website (DOJ) – This official database, maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice, is a joint effort to combine registries of the various jurisdictions that keep such records. It is, therefore, the most comprehensive and reliable source available.
  2. State Sex Offender Registry – In addition to the national registry, check registries in any and all states in which the nanny has ever lived or worked. Cross-referencing will help to confirm your findings, as well as point out any inconsistencies that may bear further investigation.
  3. Find Out What’s Reported, and Where – In order to interpret your findings, it’s important to know what offenses are included in specific jurisdictions where you will be doing your search. That information can be found here.
  4. Check References – Consult with previous employers in particular, ask them what their impressions were of the nanny; how she was with the children, whether there was ever any cause for concern, etc. Get as detailed a profile as possible. It may not eliminate the possibility of a problem, but it could help identify any red flag issues.
  5. Hire Through An Agency – Reputable nanny agencies stake those reputations on hiring only the best candidates. They are also well-versed and thorough in the screening process. To ensure that an in-depth exhaustive background investigation is done, it is always best to leave it to the professionals.

There is no fool-proof method for validating the trustworthiness of a nanny, and background screening is only one component of the screening process. References, interviews and spending adequate time with each candidate, are just as important in determining their character. Remember, this is someone whom you will be giving access to your home, property and children. There is no such thing as being too cautious.

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