10 Things I Wish My Nanny Would Do

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It’s hard to find the perfect Nanny–one who shares your exact values and is eager and willing to satisfy those things that you, yourself, do subconsciously. While you’ve shared the tasks and requirements of the bare essentials of the children and the household, there are a few things that you wish she would take the initiative to do on her own. Perhaps these are some of those little things she could do:

  1. Be more assertive at times and communicate with me some alternative means of accomplishing some tasks that would be more efficient in the long run.
  2. Help in creating the duty plan so I didn’t have to feel as if I were delegating a task to every moment of her day.
  3. Take a more personal interest in the extracurricular activities of my children; and actually desire to see them in these events.
  4. Read a bedtime story to my little ones or assist, (be able to assist), in my children’s homework assignments.
  5. Make the necessary appointments (ie. Doctor, haircuts) for my children when such appointments are indicated; and then be able to see them through.
  6. Assist in the household budget development as it pertains to food, clothing and daily operations of the home.
  7. Not interrupt me at work for little, quirky things, but ‘do her best’ in resolving my children’s periodic, non-life-threatening social/behavioral issues as needed and reporting back to me later at the end of the day.
  8. Be more flexible with her weekly hours or be amenable to making hourly work-schedule exchanges, so that, when life hands me dramatic changes, it’s easier to get coverage for the children.
  9. Refrain from imposing her values in the raising of the children and become more willing to assimilate my own values.
  10. Appreciate the beauty of the opportunity with being a central figure in my family rather than her viewing this occupation solely as employment.

Having a non-family, hired employee living in your home with many of the customary tasks of a parent is a sensitive proposition for any family. Maybe the key to fulfilling the unspoken wants you retain for this employee can be had with a little extra effort and understanding on your part. As with any unspoken expectation, the only means of potentially achieving these wishes is by virtue of sound and succinct communication.

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