30 Blogs About Child Safety to Follow

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When it comes to kids and their safety, there’s no such thing as too much information. Thanks to the network of parents, childcare providers and parenting experts around the world connected through the blogosphere, there’s also no shortage of it. Anyone looking for kids’ safety tips, lessons and helpful hints can find them easily through these thirty blogs, and others of their ilk.

Water Safety

While teaching kids water safety and brushing up on the guidelines for supervising children during water play tends to be something that most parents and caregivers only think of during the dog days of summer, when scorching heat sends kids in search of a way to cool off, summer isn’t the only time when water safety is important. Though these blogs feature pool and water play safety as a theme, it’s important to be vigilant when kids are around even small amounts of water, year round.

Fire Safety

Though no one wants to think about the prospect of being caught in house fire, parents, nannies and childcare providers simply must take the time to impart basic fire safety rules and lessons to their children and charges. These five blogs offer some helpful hints and tips for passing those lessons along to kids of all ages.

Sports Safety

As the childhood obesity epidemic becomes even more problematic for America’s youth, programs and initiatives designed to get kids off the couch and engaged in active play and organized sports have mounted a counterstrike. While keeping kids in shape is of vital importance, and sports is a great way to accomplish that goal, it’s important that safety come first.

Stranger Danger

In a world of National Sex Offender Registries and television news specials chronicling real-life sting operations, it seems that parents can’t be too careful when it comes to Stranger Danger. Because the concept of instilling an inherent wariness around strangers in children has both proponents and detractors, here are five blogs on the subject from both ends of the spectrum.

Online Safety

Parents today are forced to understand a set of safety rules and guidelines that their own parents never dreamed of: Internet safety. Keeping kids out of trouble online can be daunting, especially when kids aren’t quite sure how to keep themselves safe. These five blog entries can help you learn how and what to teach your kids about safe online practices.

Bullying Prevention

The rising number of suicides in young teens has drawn visibility to the very real problem of bullying. Because part of keeping kids safe is ensuring that they understand how to treat one another, and how to react under the pressure of being bullied, here are five blogs that tackle the subject.

Valuable information doesn’t only come from the blog entries themselves; often, parents and childcare providers will share their own advice and perspective in the comments section at the end of a post.

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