10 Variations of Names to Remember for Nanny Background Checks

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For those faced with the necessity of running a nanny background check for the first time, keeping all of the details straight can be difficult. Among the most important but most frequently overlooked steps is the exhaustive list of name variations that a person can use. Here are ten of the variations you should keep in mind when running a nanny background check.

  1. Correct Prefix or Suffix – Though they can seem like very small things, prefixes and suffixes can mean the difference  between obtaining correct information or a case of mistaken identity. For instance, if the subject is John Smith Jr., it’s important not to drop the suffix and obtain results for John Smith Sr.’s background.
  2. Maiden Name – For women that are married and chose to take the name of their husband, it’s important to be sure that you include their maiden name in the “aliases or other names the subject has used” section.
  3. Shortened Versions of a First Name – If your Bill is actually a William or your Tricia a Patricia, it’s important to use both variations of their name for the purposes of a background check. Depending on the information you’re seeking and the way it has been classified, it could be missed if you don’t include both names.
  4. Middle Name as First Name – Oftentimes, people have used their middle name as a first name since childhood. In this case, it’s important to include their first, middle and last names in the search and keep an eye out for the middle name used as first name.
  5. Current Married Name – If the subject of your background check is a nanny that has very recently gotten married, it’s still a good idea to include the brand-new last name in the search as well. Though the chances are somewhat slim of finding additional information, it’s best to do all that you can in the interest of being thorough.
  6. Previous Married Names – Multiple marriages have become quite common in our society; in the event of a background search subject that is female and has been married more than once, it might be necessary to include previously used last names as well as their current one.
  7. Legally Changed Last Names – Sometimes, for any number of reasons, a person decides to have their last name legally changed for purposes other than legal marriage. If this is the case, there could be a vast amount of information hidden behind their former name.
  8. Legally Changed First Names – Similar to last names, there are times when people choose to change their first name legally. Unless this is done for the express purpose of hiding a past conviction or other background check blemish, the subject should be willing to provide their former first name. One exception would be those who have changed their names for their own safety, in which case they would be justified in concealing a past identity.
  9. Informal Name Changes – When someone is known almost solely by a nickname, it can become an informal version of the legal name change. It’s important to know the legal name of your search subject rather than relying on this informal version.
  10. Unique Spellings – Double and even triple-check your spelling when entering information for a background check; a slight misspelling or variation on the traditional spelling of a name could affect the results that you receive.

When a background check is being conducted for nanny employment reasons, most subjects will be very forthcoming in regards to previous names or aliases. However, if you’re running a background check discreetly for personal reasons (pretty much only possible on yourself), it may be more difficult to ensure the accuracy of the name you have.  Also, please remember to follow FCRA rules and get proper approvals before attempting any background checks (you always need the approval of the subject).

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