10 Signs Your Child Could Become President of the U.S.

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So you’re sitting in your living room, watching the Presidential primaries on TV. You glance over at your child in her playpen, who is too preoccupied with her Baby Einstein’s see-sawing pandas to be bothered with balancing the national budget. Just as you gaze back at the tube, it occurs to you: Hmm. What could possibly be worse than this bunch? Is your little one potential presidential timber? How can you know for sure? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a handy ten-point checklist for your testing pleasure. No thanks necessary:

  1. She waves reflexively at perfect strangers.  You may be in the possession of a professional vote-getter if she likes to acknowledge large crowds and smile broadly as they pass by. Bonus points if she’s got the victory ‘V’ sign figured out.
  2. She’s a speech maker. Your little girl likes to stand up on a chair or stool, shaking her  fist demonstratively in the air, as she babbles incoherently at passersby. This is a good sign (particularly the babbling part) that she’s got a fiery little politician in her just itching to hit the campaign trail.
  3. Thinks on her feet. Is she adept at changing the subject when you question her about some wall scribblings or how the dog managed to get drenched in apple juice? She may be a future Chief Executive alright.
  4. Knows how to work a room. She’s a social butterfly at play dates, and tends to press the flesh with the hoi polloi. That is, she likes to make sure she talks to everyone else in a group of other kids. She’s a diplomat in training.
  5. Shows compassion and empathy toward others. Any public servant in the making is bound to be nurturing and caring. If your child is the one who hugs, strokes or otherwise comforts other kids when they cry, this too is a positive indicator.
  6. A people watcher.  A keen observer of those around her; she will watch how others interact, and perhaps mimic their mannerisms. A mini-pollster is definitely a student of human behavior.
  7. A peacemaker.  A child with White House credentials might tend to keep everyone around her happy, and intervene when there’s a disruption to the status quo. Whether it’s toy sharing or settling disputes, she’s the one smoothing out the wrinkles.
  8. She stirs the melting pot. Watch when children get together, and observe how they respond to others of different ethnicity or race. Anyone with aspirations to leadership will relate to others easily, and equally.
  9. Shows interest in political issues. As your child grows into young adulthood, if her attributes lead her to take an interest in public service, then you may just have a future candidate in your home. She may become an activist for a cause or run for office at her school.
  10. Political Studies If you’ve determined that your child is indeed interested in a career in politics, then she will want to pursue an academic course which will prepare her for that goal. Political science, social science, constitutional law will be that next step from her play house to the White House.

One of the best ways to teach our kids is through studying our past Presidents and fore fathers in general.  We put together a whole series on how kids can learn from each of the U.S. Presidents and we encourage you to check that out as well.

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