What You Should Include In Your Nanny’s Reference Letter

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Writing a reference letter for your nanny can be a tough job. It’s hard to summarize all the things she’s done for you, your child and your family into one letter. Below, you’ll find some questions that will hopefully spark some ideas for you.

As you’re writing your nanny’s letter of reference, imagine what would be helpful for you to read. It’s a good bet that the same type of information will be helpful to other parents.

What date did she start and end your job? This basic information helps nanny placement agencies and potential employers have a clear picture of how long your nanny worked for you.

What are the ages of your children? A nanny’s experience with a particular age group is an important consideration when parents are looking at nanny candidates. It’s helpful to list how old your child was when your nanny started and how old he is now.

What are her responsibilities? There’s not one standard job description for nannies. Every job is different and each job description includes tasks that are unique to that position. It’s helpful to outline in your nanny’s reference letter what she was responsible for in her position with your family. What child related duties did she have? Did she keep up with the children’s laundry, prepare healthy meals for your children, provide safe transportation to and from school, or plan play dates with neighborhood kids? Was she responsible for family related duties? Did she help with grocery shopping, run errands or help oversee the housekeeper? Giving potential employers an idea of what she did for you will help them decide if she has the experience and skills needed for their job.

What is your nanny’s relationship with your child like? This is an important question that every parent hiring a nanny wants to know. They want to make sure your nanny is the kind of person who can build a strong, positive relationship with children. Provide a detailed description of how your nanny and child interact, what your child loves about your nanny, and some examples of things they enjoy doing together.

How does she influence your child? Your nanny plays an important role in your child’s life. She impacts your child’s physical, social, emotional, educational and moral development. Detail a few of the most important ways your nanny has made a difference in your child’s life.

How does she support your family? Nannies don’t just take care of children; they also help families in many different ways. Your nanny’s reference letter is the perfect time to talk about how your nanny supported you in your role as a parent, how she helped manage your household, and how she kept the details of your busy life from slipping through the cracks.

How would you describe her personality? Every family is looking for a nanny with certain personality traits. They’re looking for someone who can fit into their household, who will mesh with their management style, and who they’ll enjoy having a relationship with. Personality is a big part of a successful nanny/family match. Your perspective on who your nanny is as a person, as well as a caregiver, will help future employers know if your nanny will fit in with their family.

What makes her stand out as a nanny? There are a lot of nannies in the job market today. Even if your nanny has a great mix of education and experience, she’ll need to stand out from all of the other nannies who have the same mix of education and experience. This is where you can really help her shine. Outline key ways she’s different than other nannies you know, and tell prospective employers what she brings to the job that will be hard to replace.

Why is she leaving your job? You may have made the decision to replace your nanny, or she may have decided to leave your position. Either way, future employers want to understand why she’s leaving. If you made the decision to let your nanny go, it’s important to be honest while still framing your reason in the most positive way possible. Clearly if you’re writing her a letter of reference you feel she will be a good caregiver for another family, so make sure that your reference letter conveys that.

What is the best way to contact you for more information? Parents that are considering hiring your nanny will want to speak with you as they check your nanny’s references. Include your name and the best way to contact you.

Your letter of reference for your nanny will play a key role in her job search. Although it can be time consuming, it’s important to devote some time to crafting a letter that reflects the level of service your nanny provided your family.

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