Reasons to Verify a Nanny’s Education

While there are no educational requirements for individuals wishing to obtain work as a nanny, most parents and nanny placement agencies require a nanny to have at least a high school diploma to apply for a nanny position.

If you’re looking for a nanny who has completed her college education, you’ll want to confirm that the information she’s provided to you on her application is accurate prior to offering her a position.

In addition to obtaining degrees at colleges, some nannies complete specialized nanny training at nanny schools, community colleges or universities. These nannies may receive credentials including those of Certified Professional Nanny of Certified Professional Governess. The educational history of a nanny can be verified by contacting the registrar’s office or the admissions office of the educational institution the nanny has listed on her application.

The International Nanny Association (INA) offers a nanny credential exam. Those who pass the INA Nanny Credential Exam earn the title of INA Credentialed Nanny. The association can verify if a nanny has passed the exam.

Some nannies have additional education and training. Nurses, teachers, counselors and therapists may seek employment as a nanny. Parents should confirm a prospective nanny’s credentials and/or licenses with the appropriate state licensing organization or credentialing organization.

If the nanny is married but completed her education prior, be sure to use her maiden name when verifying her education.

For parents wishing to verify their nanny’s educational background, doing so is a smart decision. If a nanny provides false information about her education on her job application and has mislead parents into believing she has a degree, certificate, credential or license that she doesn’t, her character should be called into question.

Verifying a nanny’s education allows parents to:

  1. Confirm that the nanny holds the credentials, certification or license she claims. If you’re hiring a nanny specifically because she has specific credentials or a certification or license, you want to be sure she truly has earned it.
  2. Verify the nanny attended the institution she claims. In a competitive job market job seekers have been known to fudge the information they provide on their application or resume. Verify a nanny’s educational history to be sure she has provided truthful information.
  3. Confirm the nanny completed her education when she said she did. You want to be sure that the nanny’s life timeline lines up. Ensuring her education occurred when she says it did can help to piece the timeline together.
  4. Ensure a degree isn’t fake. It’s not unheard of for job applicants to list a fake degree on their application or resume. Verify that a nanny candidate’s degree is legitimate to confirm she has the education she claims.
  5. Confirm the nanny has the knowledge she claims. For parents who specifically desire a college educated nanny, verifying her credentials can help to ensure she has the knowledge needed for the job.
  6. Verify any special training. For parents who require their nanny to have a medical background or background in behavioral therapy for example, verifying that the candidate possesses that specialized training is essential.
  7. Determine if the institution is legitimate. When you verify the nanny’s education, you’re able to also determine if the institution really exists.
  8. Confirm that the nanny completed the coursework she claims. If a nanny claims that she did undergraduate work in early childhood education even though her degree is in biology, you want to confirm that the information provided is true.
  9. Be sure the information isn’t inflated. When verifying a nanny’s education, you want to be sure that the degree required more than simply sending away for it.
  10.  Do due diligence. Parents should gather as much information as possible about a nanny so that they can make an informed hiring decision.

When hiring a nanny, you want to be absolutely sure that she truly is who she says she is and that she has the education, degree, license, certification or credentials that she has claimed to have. Verifying a nanny’s education can help you confirm that the information provided on her application is true and that her responses regarding her educational experiences are trustworthy.

For more information on background screenings please review our Guide to Nanny Background Checks.