10 Reasons You Should Run a Background Check on Yourself

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Most people live in blissful ignorance of what kind of information is available to anyone who wants to run a background check on them. It’s absolutely amazing and little bit scary how much data has been compiled on each individual that can be accessed by anyone for any reason. Information that seems fairly insignificant when it’s about someone else gains new importance when it becomes personal. Even if you have no particular reason to do so, here are 10 reasons you should run a background check on yourself.

  1. Peace of mind – Once you start to think about it you begin to wonder just what information is out there and how accurate it is. Just to satisfy your curiosity and for your own peace of mind, you should run a background check on yourself. Don’t wait until you find out from another source.
  2. Check for accuracy – Common human error can result in any number of inaccuracies in your public record. Running your own background check gives you an opportunity to find out if there’s any misinformation out there and correct the record.
  3. Clear up mistakes – Once you discover mistakes on your own, you have an opportunity to resolve any discrepancies before they become a problem. It’s much easier to set the record straight when you aren’t pressed for time or upset. Trying to convince a police officer that an outstanding parking ticket is just a mistake isn’t going to go well.
  4. Be proactive – You’ll never know when something on your record will come back to haunt you, so have a proactive approach to your public information. Know what others see so that you have an opportunity to explain any anomalies if they ever come up. You don’t want to be the last person to know what others can easily find out about you.
  5. Future employment – Potential employers are likely to run background checks on any job applicants, so you definitely want to know what they’re looking at and that it’s accurate. Problems on your public record can cost you the job even if you’re the most qualified person for the position.
  6. Credit history – If you’re applying for a loan, you want to know ahead of time if there’s a problem with your credit history. Run a background check so you can clear up any mistakes and be able to explain any information that looks dicey.
  7. Identity theft – People can be totally unaware that they’ve been a victim of identity theft until they run a background check on themselves. Even if your credit cards haven’t been compromised, someone else could be using your social security number for employment without your knowledge.
  8. Power of information – Knowledge is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal. Anyone who has run their own background check has the upper hand in any situation. Once you know how to check your own record and what kind of information is available, you can find out anything you want to know about anyone else as well.
  9. Potential renter – Landlords are likely to run background checks on any potential renters before they sign a lease. You don’t want problems from your past to prevent you from renting an apartment or home.
  10. Running for office – Anyone who is even considering a run for public office, whether it’s city council or congress, needs to run a preemptive background check for themselves. If not, you know quite well that any opponent will do it for you. Make sure your candidacy isn’t sabotaged by leaks to the press of easily explained problems from your past.

Anything you’ve ever purchased, any license you’ve had, previous employment, you’re address, neighbors and friends is all documented on a vast database and available to pretty much anyone who wants to know. All this information has even been used to develop technology that uses your past history to predict your future activity. All this is pretty scary stuff to the average person who is just minding their own business. Take the time to run your own background check so you have the power of your own information. A proactive approach can save you many headaches down the road.

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