How to Access Nanny Clearinghouse, Sex Offender, and Prison Records

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The is a unique proprietary database started in 2002 by a
pre-screening company that specializes in the childcare screening demographic. The data sources come from the following sources:

  • company’s own in-house background checks
  • Names submitted to the registry by media and other industry professionals

As of 1.01.2012 it is reported The Clearinghouse has over 8000 names of people who have disqualifying criminal
records who should not be working around children. This is the only known source of this information and is exclusive only to in-home childcare workers.
The data includes applicants are listed in organized criminal groups (gypsies/travelers),
people convicted of certain crimes and people who should not be caring for children.

Sex Offender

State Offender Registries have been around for years. It is now easier to search for sex offenders by going to National Sex Offender Registry. Please note: There are caveats with using this database:

  1. Not all states list level 1, 2 and 3 offenders. Offenders are classified based on their ability to reoffend. Level 1 is generally least likely to offender and 3 is much greater.
  2. Unless the offender is a lifetime registrant they may be removed from the lists when their parole or probation is finished.
    This is why it is important to search archived lists and lists that are no longer on the internet.
  3. 3New York Sex Offenders level 1- 2 are available online. Level 1 are available from the state: NY State Toll Free: 1 800.262.3257 press 2

State Dept. of Corrections:

Most state DOC records are searchable by going directly to the states website

Other Resources for corrections data:

Vine Link: This site provides information on previously released prisoners and is a victims notification site (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)



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