10 Ways Parents Can Conceal Nanny Cams

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Most working parents worry about the quality of care that their children are receiving. Usually, there is nothing to worry about. However, there can be times when that worry turns into outright concern. One of the most popular ways of taking a peek behind the scenes of your nanny’s daily routine is to install hidden cameras, known as nanny cams, around the house. Concealing them can be tricky, though. Here are ten ways that you can get that piece of mind.

  1. Your Existing Security System – Many home security companies offer a hidden camera package; with a phone call or two, you can be on the road to professionally-installed cameras in no time.
  2. High, Hard-to-Reach Spots – If you opt for a “larger” model of hidden camera, which are usually the size of a half-dollar, then your best bet is to conceal it among decorative items on a relatively high, out-of-the-way shelf. This is a delicate balance; too high, and the footage won’t be clear but a camera placed too low may be easily detected.
  3. Embedded in Foliage – Potted plants, trees and other indoor foliage can be a great place for nanny cams, as they’re difficult to see unless one is specifically looking for them. Most nannies won’t go pawing through all of your plants to comb for surveillance items, though you should take care to put them in plants that toddlers can’t reach.
  4. Smoke Detector Clones – Among the many faux household items that are designed to conceal nanny cams are smoke detector clones. These can be purchased in both working and non-working models.
  5. Spring For a “Pinhole” Model – The tiniest cameras, known as “pinhole” spycams, can be a bit pricier. However, the quality is astounding for the size of the lens and they’re much more easily hidden within existing fixtures in your home.
  6. Wall décor – Picture frames, mirrors and other hanging wall décor are often used to house nanny cam equipment, as they can be virtually undetectable to the naked eye. This is especially true if your camera is very small.
  7. Ceiling Fans – Small nanny cams can be installed almost anywhere; a ceiling fan can be ideal, depending on its placement in the room. Though the footage might be a bit shaky if the fan is turned on, you’ll still have a great view of the room from a difficult-to-detect camera.
  8. Ballpoint Pen Clones – There are online and brick-and-mortar stores that specialize in spy and nanny cam equipment; almost all of them offer the ballpoint pen model. This working pen houses a tiny camera, which can capture a great deal of the room if placed properly.
  9. Air Freshener Clones – Automatic air freshener devices are so commonplace in today’s home that they rarely get a second look. Hidden camera manufacturers have taken this into account, and created a clone with an embedded camera. The misleading appearance of the device makes it easy to place it anywhere in your home without raising suspicion.
  10. Specially-Designed Outlet Plates – Though not suitable for outlets that are low to the ground, outlets that are positioned above a counter or at a similar height can do double-duty as a facade for nanny cams with specially-designed outlet plates that feature an embedded pinhole cam.

It’s important to note that it is illegal in some states to record your nanny without her permission, though you only have to disclose the location of each camera under California and Massachusetts law. Be sure that you check the statutes regarding nanny cams in your area and comply with them to avoid a nasty lawsuit. Also, be sure that you stick with video footage only, as it is a federal offense to make audio recordings without consent.

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