10 Jobs Where Background Checks are Most Critical

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Though background checks are becoming more commonplace for job seekers to encounter in a variety of positions, there are some industries that warrant a thorough background check before hiring a candidate. Here are ten of the jobs that almost invariably require criminal and consumer reports review.

  1. Nanny – Most parents balk at the idea of trusting their children’s safety and well-being to a stranger, and will insist upon a background check during the final stages of the hiring process. These investigations will also include careful examination of the National Sex Offender Registry and, in states that maintain one, a Child Abuse Registry.
  2. Home Health Care – Home healthcare providers are responsible for the day-to-day care of patients with long-term illnesses. In many cases, the patient has difficulty or an incapability of communicating, making it even more imperative to thoroughly vet each home healthcare nurse before hiring.
  3. Law Enforcement – Working in the law enforcement sector requires a background check for many reasons, not least of which is the need to identify and weed out applicants with a history of violence and aggression. Because of the authority that accompanies a law enforcement position, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that a candidate would not abuse it.
  4. Government Positions – Depending on the type of government job and what the position entails, criminal and consumer background checks can be exhaustive. For higher positions, the process can be a quite lengthy and tedious one, requiring years worth of information.
  5. Education Sector – To work in a position of authority over a group of children in a public or private institution, teachers and other workers are required to submit to thorough background checks in order to prevent any harm or illegal activity.
  6. Medical Field – Working in a hospital, clinic or pharmacy places employees in a setting with access to sensitive information and controlled substances. As a result, hospitals will require extensive background checks for all employees, even  those working in a non-medical capacity on hospital grounds.
  7. Financial Industry – Handling large sums of money in a bank or having access to a family’s entire financial portfolio requires a worker that is both trustworthy and honest. Before hiring an applicant in the financial field, human resources and hiring managers will ensure that their criminal history and credit reports are free of any major blemishes.
  8. Household Manager – Handling the running of the entire home for busy families, household managers have almost unlimited access to that family’s financial and other sensitive information in addition to being intimately acquainted with the workings of the household and the location of valuables. For this reason, housekeepers and household managers alike are almost always required to submit to lengthy background checks.
  9. Personal Assistant – When busy professionals hire a personal assistant, they know that trust is a key aspect of the relationship. In order to be sure that their trust is well-founded and not likely to be abused, most will insist upon a background check.
  10. Management Positions – While an hourly retail or food-service position is not likely to require a background check, a promotion to management almost always will. Handling the daily deposits and valuable stock places managers in a high-access position; upper management is well within their rights to require an investigation of a candidate’s history.

These positions only scratch the surface of job listings that would require a background check. Investigations are becoming par for the course in even entry-level hourly positions as the industry grows and a larger emphasis is placed on trust.

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