10 Worst Crimes a Prospective Nanny Might Hide

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More and more people are turning to nannies now instead of leaving their kids alone.  The nanny can pick them up after school, fix them snacks, help them with homework, and take them to their after school activities.  This person that your hire to be your nanny needs to be very trustworthy since you will be relying on them to take care of your children as you would if you were able to be there.  Doing background checks on nannies is common practice now if you hire them through a service, but if you just hire someone through an ad in the paper it’s best to run your own criminal background check.  Check out 10 worst crimes a prospective nanny might hide.

  1. Drunk driving: This is a red flag on so many accounts.  Maybe they had a little too much to drink at a party and drove home.  You might be able to understand that, but then again maybe not.  What if they have a drinking problem and they decide to drink some of your liquor while watching your children?  What if they drive drunk while taking your kids to soccer practice? Nannies might try to hide something like that.
  2. Child abuse: This would be a pretty bad crime in anyone’s book, but if you were trying to get a job as a nanny and your future employers found this out I don’t think you would be getting any jobs dealing with children.
  3. Sexual offender list: I believe that if you are on the sexual offender list that you are required to stay a certain distance away from schools and daycares and kids in general so this would be a pretty bad crime, but they would need to hide it and maybe change their name so you couldn’t find out.
  4. Attempted murder by their boyfriend: While this is not a crime by the nanny it is a terrible crime that a nanny might want to hide from her employer.  I would not want a nanny whose boyfriend may come after her while she is with my kids.  What if he decides to try to kill her again and doesn’t want any witnesses?  Not a good scenario.
  5. Petty theft: I think this is more common that you would think.  Girls dare other girls to shoplift something and they do, but they get caught.  This would probably be on a sealed juvenile record, but any shoplifting charges would set off an alarm with a future employer that you might steal from them while you are in their house with their kids.
  6. Underage drinking: This may have been a one-time thing at a party or it may have been using a fake ID to get into a bar or buy alcohol.  A lot of teenagers try alcohol and it’s not the end of the world if they get caught and it certainly doesn’t mean that they would ever drink with the kids, but as a parent you have to think about it.  What if this person decides to drink the liquor in my home or gives it to her friends.  This would not be a good situation and they’ve already proven that they had a huge lack of judgment.  I would want to hide it if it were me.
  7. Assault: Many times assault is due to anger issues.  If you were going to be working with children that might test your patience and you had anger issues this might be something you would want to hide from your employers.  The last thing they would want is to hire someone that might abuse their kids.
  8. Statutory rape: Most times this is when an older guy sleeps with an under-age girl.  However, as we have seen in the news with these teachers sleeping with their students it is possible for women to be convicted of this crime as well.  Many times it ends up that they were dating, but you just never know.  As a parent you would want to steer totally clear of someone who likes young boys.  Especially if you have a young boy. 
  9. Kidnapping: We’ve seen it in the news where there’s a divorce situation and the kids end up with the father for whatever reason and the mom tries to take them and is convicted of kidnapping.  Being a nanny may seem like a good job to get when all you know how to do is take care of kids.  This would be a pretty bad crime and one that a nanny would want to hide.  They may think she would kidnap their kids if she got too attached to them.
  10. Drug abuse: A crime that most people would not be proud of and it definitely wouldn’t make a future employer want to trust you in their house around their prescription drugs and kids.  This is a crime that a nanny would definitely want to hide.


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