10 Ways for Nannies to Research Families

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Prospective employers aren’t the only ones with security concerns when it comes to hiring a nanny. Applicants will naturally have concerns as well, both as to the children they will be caring for as well as the rest of the household. The most effective method of checking out a family is to ask the right questions during the interview process. There are other ways for a nanny to get the information she needs, as well, and here we have a few ways that a nanny can research a family.

  1. Background Check – A candidate for the job of nanny needs to be reassured that she will not be going to work for a gang of wanted criminals, just as the employers wants to ensure they aren’t hiring someone from the FBI’s Most Wanted list.
  2. Sexual Predators – Nannies need to take precautions so that they don’t place themselves in danger of sexual assaults from an employer or a member of his household.
  3. Credit Check – This may not be easy to come by, but a nanny could use some reassurance that the family is on reasonable financial footing. It helps to know the paychecks will arrive on time.
  4. Restraining Orders – A nanny needs to know she is not putting herself in harms way, and is within her rights to check that her prospective employers don’t have a history of violence.
  5. Children’s Schooling – During the interview process, the nanny should inquire about academic records and interests.
  6. Meds – If children, or any family member for that matter, are on medications, the nanny should be aware. This would include medications for behavior problems, allergies, heart diseases and a host of other reasons. Most nannies are certified in CPR and first-aid, and can help in many family emergencies.
  7. Private Investigators – If a nanny has issues that need to be checked out, a private investigator may be hired to look into matters.
  8. Other Nannies – Word gets around if a family that wants to hire a nanny is a family to be avoided; nannies will talk to each other.
  9. Neighbors – It’s alright to ask around the neighborhood about your potential employers; this also helps to acclimate the nanny to the area she may be moving to.
  10. Ask Questions – If a family and a nanny are going to have a successful relationship, a large element of trust has to be engendered. The best way for all parties to “research” each other is simple conversation. If there are problems, many can be dealt with beforehand, or folks may just realize that they aren’t suited for each other.

Personal impressions are important, but so is a good measure of personal knowledge, and all parties are best served through open lines of communication.

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