10 Bad Reasons for Hiring a Less Experienced Nanny

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Hiring a less experienced nanny isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There can be several GOOD reasons for hiring a someone who is a first time nanny or who has a limited number of references. An inexperienced nanny can still have some great qualifications and other types of childcare experience. This list, however, contains BAD reasons for choosing a less experienced nanny. These reasons should not be your basis for making that choice.

  1. Less expensive – Although, this aspect of hiring a less experienced nanny will certainly enter into your decision, it should never be your singular or primary reason for selecting a nanny candidate. Be sure that your nanny candidate also meets other criteria beyond just your budget.
  2. Childcare skills come naturally – There is the assumption by some people that childcare skills are just a natural part of being a woman and that experience in this area is irrelevant. This is simply not true. Women who have never had the responsibility of caring for children or education in that area will be lacking much of what they need for a nanny position.
  3. In a hurry – Childcare needs can have a sense of immediacy to them. Don’t let your short time frame for making a decision rush you into hiring a person who doesn’t have the appropriate experience for the position.
  4. She’s cute – The looks of the nanny candidate should never enter into your decision, and selecting a cute inexperienced person to care for your children over a less attractive person with great credentials would be a great disservice to your children.
  5. Lower expectations – An inexperienced nanny may not have the same expectations that would come from a nanny with more time in the field. There may be benefits and perks requested by a more experienced nanny that a newer nanny wouldn’t have on her list. It is important to remember your priorities in this situation, which should always be choosing the best candidate for your children’s care.
  6. Cool accent – Do you just love the nanny’s (British, Spanish, French, etc.) accent? The thought of having that accent in your home may be enticing, but is absolutely no basis for choosing the childcare provider for your children.
  7. Begging for the job – Even when a nanny is imploring you to give her the job and to ignore her lack of experience, it is important to keep your head and choose the candidate that best fits your needs. It is not your responsibility to meet the nanny’s need for a job.
  8. Daughter of a friend – If you are considering hiring the daughter of a friend as your nanny, you should not expect any less in qualifications from this person than you would expect from any other candidate. If the situation does not work out, it may create an awkward situation with your friend, as well.
  9. No contract requested – If a less experienced nanny would agree to come to work without a signed contract, you should realize that this is not a good thing for either you, as the employer, or her as the employee. Without a properly defined agreement, you could be opening yourself up to potential liabilities that you wouldn’t have with a solid legal contract.
  10. Alma Mater – Just because the nanny attended the same college or high school that you did, does not make her a better candidate than another person with more experience. Beware of letting your emotional connections influence you on this decision. 

As stated at the beginning, there are good reasons for hiring a less experienced nanny over a more experienced one, but none of the reasons listed above would be considered a good reason.

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